Company Profile  

ATC is a privately owned business Was incorporated in England in 1984 the principle activity was the Import and Export of miscellaneous goods, Our markets span from Europe to the Far East, North America , South Africa and the Gulf states.

In year 2000 Mr. Aref (ATC-Director) came to Egypt with over twenty-eight years had spend in England between his Higher Education and developing in-depth understanding of the European mentality & their market needs together with a wide knowledge of social and culture frame work in Europe and Western world.

Mr. Aref sat up {ATC} Export Development with the objective to create opportunities for the Egyptian Exporters and manufacturers to develop their Export and services. And so enable them to compete successfully in increasingly competitive international markets.

The Philosophy of ATC is to promote the export of Egyptian products and to encourage companies (both current exporters and non-exporters) to take full advantage of overseas business opportunities, so that they can improve their competitiveness, overall growth prospects and profitability.

Our aims are clear. We at ATC want to encourage potential exporters to think seriously about selling overseas and existing exporters to sell more.

Helping exporters is our priority task. We provide an integrated export service second To none.